A little story about us

Healthy Achiever is a riveting solution to ‘perfectly’ shape up growing young children. As the name indicates, we aid those achievers become Healthy Achievers! We aid the children in getting nurtured ‘right’ in terms of Nutrition,Physiology and Psychology.

To learn in full swing, sweat out in their endeavors and be The Real Achievers, children certainly want these three elements ‘sharply’ met. Be it a boy or girl, these three are going to remain the fundamentals of any child. So, how do we go about each of these?

At Healthy Achiever, we show individual attention to each and every student. We observe, discuss and assess each and every student, and curate Customized Diet & Lifestyle plan for them based on many different parameters. We also offer Healthy, Organic, Freshly cooked meals and snacks prepared using farm-fresh raw materials as millets and vegetables.

Regular physical education classes are conducted where the children indulge in different kinds of activities. Apart from encouraging physical activities, these sessions develop their fitness levels and fosters the energy and desire to continue these physical activities throughout their lives. It further boosts their level of coordination and communication among students.

Psychology sessions conducted by experts in the niche help children discover their inner peace. Through meditation, preaching, legends, common interaction, and more, these psychology classes make the children understand the crux of life, and teach them to remain calm and composed when they undergo personal or family disputes or of other kinds.